A Letter


Dear Destiny


I think it’s time to have a straight talk with you. I suppose you still remember the time I was so small I couldn’t open a door or climb a chair by my own. You have to remember the day my father arrived and asked me to pick a lottery number. As you so well know, he was lucky with my choice. It happens, you can say. It happens, indeed. But since that first chance my father won the lottery for three times. And I am meaning big prizes, not the usual insignificances.


I am sure you also remember the day I went to my bank to cash some money and instead of some meager 30 to 50 thousand US dollars I had the entire UN salaries deposited on my private account. Not a big deal, almost two millions at my disposal. I wonder what would happen if I kept still. Anyway, the bank – it wasn’t a small Mozambican institution but a well-known international brand name – should considerate a special reward for such cases. Being kind of millionaire for less than a day, it’s not fair at all!


I’ve been writing about treasures for quite sometime. Double time I’ve been dreaming about treasures. I dream a lot more about other things, though I am convinced that finding a treasure it’s much more easier.


What would you think or do if you, Dear Destiny, were invited to be the guardian of a real treasure for a couple of weeks? What would someone in my shoes do? My first thought was opening the chest and taking a bath with the content. Yeh, a McDuck bath! I could have. But I was afraid that the shine of the silver and gold would blind my heart. Yes, honesty prevailed.


To be sincere, only after delivering the treasure to its right owners I realized I could have run away with it. I cannot tell a lot in terms of value, but it was legal, heavy and priceless!


Now, between you and me, don’t you think it’s time to stop playing and get serious? What about me, Destiny?


Yours truly,