Unmasked Divers


I’ve just realized I haven’t talked about my brave divers for a very long time. My absence and subsequent sickness have plunged me into a Me Pool I must free myself from. As I don’t want to be long, I decided to tell you just the most important thing I know about each one of them.


Starting with NB, he is now the proud parent of Gabriel, a month old baby we just met at Naval.


Jo is in South Africa, ready for a six months job in Angola. I suspect he will be the second diver doing arrangements for his wedding, as soon as his girlfriend finishes her studies in Brazil.


TD is still betting on his South African based musical career. At present he is ready for another season in France, where one of his bands is doing fine.


We see Vic from time to time. He is the diver that never was. What I like in Vic is his capacity of turning adversity into positiveness.


Since he witnessed the results of the recent violence on the streets, Andy has been acting a little wild. I spare you of an account of the weekend following the unrest, but Sunday morning we found: 1) His muddy car with signs of a minor accident. 2) The silver motorbike missing (rumours of a second accident with KK driving it are flying). 3) Andy missing, though someone informed us that he was sleeping on the beach with the group of Mozambican friends who faithfully follow him.


Paul has been particularly helpful during my recent swooning threats. To be precise: 1) He is becoming an expert in terms of relaxing massages, letting me rest and do what I enjoy to do. 2) He has been a pest with food supplements and health related talk.


JP is still feasting on the recent success of his career. I truly enjoy that he is somehow contributing to keep the pollution in a South African bay at lower levels.


Regarding Seabell, she is fighting to have her magical heartbeat back. TD expressed two immediate concerns about her: 1) Is she pregnant? 2) Is she going to see a doctor? Well, she does have appointments, but before she has got a short diving program scheduled – a promise made some time ago. When her heart is back to its normal rhythm, there is nothing happier or stronger in this world.