From One Bay to the Other


Between the small busy town where JP has been working and Ponta do Ouro there are a generous number of seductive beaches and bays. Approaching Ponta do Ouro from South Africa is by fairly good roads and efficient border posts. Although we had to deal with millions of butterflies smashing against our car, I sincerely recommend it. Compared to the dirty road Maputo-Ponta do Ouro, Farazela is all about smoothness.


Our middle stop was in Sodwana Bay, an inviting green and blue destination. So, the second day of my recent travel was partially spent in Sodwana, and partially spent on the road to Ponta do Ouro – where we already slept.


Besides an average lunch and hanging around (friendly people!), what I shall remember of that bay is: 1) The signs “beware of hippos, crocs, lizards and snakes”. Call this a walkable region! 2) The pictures I was able to take with JP’s lately temperamental camera. 3) The enormous amount of boats, in a clear demonstration that the place is a first for sport fishing. 4) The remarkable effort of nature conservation.


Sodwana gives us an image of what Ponta do Ouro should have been in the old days, before the invasion of disperse population seeking refuge from war and the more recent invasion of South African tourists. Today Ponta do Ouro looks like a poor Zinkwazi, though nature is still giving what men so hardly try to destroy with dirty roads, cheap architecture, noise motors, drunken visitants and bad-expensive restaurants, just to name a few.


In my love affair with beaches, Ponta do Ouro still is at the top.