A Smile Says It All


Soon we were back from Europe, soon we resumed our daily walks. The first two times I went to Miradouro I was already missing lots of things, though I didn’t miss the dirt and the smell.


I astonished at the sight of two dedicated readers sitting on a bench precisely in front of one of the two smelly areas. What sort of book can make one forget unpleasant odors? 


In fact, nobody seems to care about the dirtiness in Miradouro, a public place where people walk, talk, play or just hang around, a public place without a single visible trash bin… That says it all.


I was missing the Caracol walk, but I couldn’t recognize old faces among the new appointed guards. I still miss Max, a black Labrador, and his lovely owner. And above all I was missing Katherine, the most rebellious little girl I have ever met.


Then, the third time I went to Miradouro there she was welcoming me with a radiant smile. And I have to confess that Katherine is very scarce in terms of smiling. Not in terms of kicks and tantrums though.


It is good when someone lets you know that you are missed. A smile, that’s all you need for that.