Confessions of a Dancer


Except for a few sporadic occasions, I haven’t been dancing since December. The last time I danced, I turned for less than two minutes in Paul’s arms, before I had my right foot painfully squeezed. That’s how much he is into dancing!


Before being squeezed I went to a tango lesson, a little bit excited with my new dancing shoes, but I didn’t enjoy it at all. Actually, I am not sure about my dance classes in March and April. If I return, it is just because I don’t want to pass as a “quiter”.


What I am sure about is that I like tae bo. I never feel tired of it. I also know that I have a dancer somewhere inside of me. The question is: which dancer? I tried African dance and concluded that I would never move my butt the same way Africans do. I changed to salsa. I like the energy of free style salsa, but not enough for the discipline of regular lessons.


My third move was tango. I thought: I like tango music, ergo I like tango dancing. Wrong! I like tango dancing only to a certain extent. Maybe in different circumstances… There is a philosophy behind tango dancing that is not my own philosophy.


I hang in the balance about a few things (i. g. dancing with a prickling shaved male). If men get the same sensation about razor-shaved bodies I get, better go for another solution urgently. While professional dancers have the tendency to have their bodies roughly shaved, non-professional dancers know the same or less than you do.


What shall I do? As I told before, I am not sure about tango. What I am sure is that I love tae bo. Maybe I should pick modern dance, a more energetic kind of dance. Through modern dance I can express myself individually. No need for partners, with or without pricking body hair.