Welcomed Routine


Since the last week of February, I’ve been taking the first steps into a slow return to my routines. I started the pleasant way, with tae bo. To tell the truth, I was so excited with the class (pinch of afraid too due to my recent heart laziness) that I hardly slept.


The class went well under the supervision of our Ecuadorian-Italian teacher. She introduced a game I know from my childhood by the name of “Statues”. The players move randomly fast with the music. When the music stops, the players have to freeze at once. Failure represents crunches until the teacher says enough. I was safe!


Don’t go thinking tae bo is like that because the game was only a middle class stop to lift the spirits. We were also introduced to a few new moves like this one: you up your knee and at the same time you move both hands with strength from head level down to the raised knee level. The idea? With your hands bring the head of your opponent down, smashing it against your knee. That’s more tae bo like!


I enjoyed the class, as I always do. In terms of energy, it was as though I’d never stopped. I was craving that hour for exteriorizing bitterness, rage, hate and other “gentle” feelings of the same sort. This time my anger was directed against a guy I call Old Barracuda. Next week it’ll be someone else. Apparently, there seems to be an endless number of punch bags to smash week after week.


This is the view from my tae bo class windows. Sometimes, my class is an entire hour of sunset display… Kind of a pattern in my life or I wouldn’t be writing as Seabell…