Words and Photos


Instead of words, I would like very much to have lots of photos in this space. But fates are against my will. First I was forced to accept the reasonability of Paul’s advice that photography in this town is not safe, after I had my camera stolen on the Marginal walk.


Internet slowness is the second adverse wind blowing against my intention of transforming this blog into a fifty per cent space for photos. Sometimes the network simply plays with us for days and days. While in Europe, I could upload 20 to 100 pictures in the same time it takes me to upload just one in Mozambique.


The slow pace of the internet service in Mozambique has been a good school to curve my impatience, my easily boiling temper. Maybe you have reasons to complain. A photo speaks a thousand words of a universal language. Words are sometimes too heavy to carry.


As in all things, there is bad and good about the tropical rhythm of local internet. Thanks to it, patience is now highlighting my domestic existence!