Pet Options


I love all sort of living beings. The exception could be mosquitoes, cockroaches and flies, but then I’ve come to the conclusion that even these three are harmless, at least for me. I never had malaria. Since the day a gigantic cockroach jumped from some ceiling towards my sister and I, making us almost faint, I just can’t imagine anything involving roaches worst than that. Flies are just a question of tidiness and taking the usual precautions to avoid them.


I do separate my Tarzan’s universe in two separate worlds: the species I like to have around me and the species I am better off without. Dogs are my favorites and cats range very low in my list.


I don’t mind to feed stray cats but they never stick around, knowing how this place of mine is dog friendly. Over the years I met a few cat lovers and reached the following conclusions: 1) Usually, they are people badly treated by life (i. g. a problematic childhood). 2) They have difficulty in trusting and are also not to be trusted. 3) They are not very particular with tidiness. 4) They stay in a situation forever (territorial behavior), while they also can betray easily. 5) They need affection, but they don’t really know how to appreciate it. 6) They are stingy, deep inside very prosaic and very found of disguises. 7) They are less adventurous and they usually play safe.


There are no eternal truths. My personal impressions are not a scientific study, but simple conclusions based on profiles of cat lovers I know. As it is evident, the number is far from being enough for a statistic.


The last thing I suspect about cat owners is that they must have a very thick and resistant skin or they wouldn’t be able to stand the feeling of cat’s hair on their own skin. Maybe because of hard skin or lack of sensitiveness, they appreciate so much the softness of the cat’s fur. Only the thought of unwanted hair on my skin is enough to put me running to the moon and back!