I have a proposal. Here it goes:


A year ago this town was woken up by a loud bang. Many had left their houses before to witness the first implosion of a ghost building, a shadow above the stretch of sand and green known as Costa do Sol.


Twelve months after, the grey mound of rubble is still there.


“At least it could be a monument…” I maintain.


“What kind of monument?” you ask.


Lately, Mozambican authorities use and abuse the expression “deixa andar”. It means carelessness, incapacity of delivering. So far, the fight against “deixa andar” seems to be the main political concern of the actual government. Having that in mind, why not let the rubble stay where it is? Definitively, the ideal is turning it into a monument to the empty slogan “deixa andar”.


This is a post written some time ago. It seems to me that someone was afraid that the memorial could be suggested for real! Maybe suspecting reactions from the local media and after almost a year without removing a single inch of rubble, at the end of February orange machines were rushed to the site, in a show-off involving roadblocks and traffic mess. Therefore, eleven months after the implosion, they finally decided to do something.