Unexpected Turn


Long before starting this blog, my life had been driven by the quest of finding an underwater treasure. I guess the few of you regularly reading me might find this quest of mine to be: 1) Fictitious. 2) Tedious. 3) Frivolous.


Let me tell you that fictitious it’s not. What about tedious? Maybe. At least for me, it has been pretty tedious all the time people dreaming of any kind of treasure have generally to wait – sometimes in vain.


I do agree that wasting years of my life only because of a sunken treasure it’s risky and at the same time frivolous. The apparent frivolousness and materialism of my quest has an explanation: I really thought I had all the rest people usually dream for themselves.


Meanwhile, my life suffered an unexpected turn and I had to rethink all my quest strategy. As a result, I have now a three sided quest: a) Happiness – here I have to considerer the tangible happiness of common mortals (the one I have control over), and the other happiness only a few deserve. b) Sunken treasure – it’s still a good quest to pursuit. Sometimes I wonder when I am going to give up this one, but the answer is always the same: never! c) Writing – though this field is not new for me, I decided to start writing with more regularity and seriousness.


I would like very much to be able to write my first novel in English, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I would never get the necessary speed and style. If I succeed, my second move it’s going to be a daring translation by the author. I just can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Turn

  1. Me too! I can hardly wait to read your book and I am sure this one you will succed. Concerning the other two quests I wish you luck (and I wish I could give you my support and contribution).

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