On Baking


There is a thing in the gesture of home baking that is impossible to find elsewhere, be it a fancy restaurant or a sophisticated patisserie. I guess it is the expectative, the tantalizing mixture of smells invading the house…


I don’t know if all baking adventurers have the same experience I have, but I always could count upon a faithful audience waiting for the final result. A very impatient audience, I have to say. My daughter, for instance, used to “pray” for the cake not to be perfect so that I abandoned it and she and brothers could have it sooner.


What is kind of funny is having the same problem even today, when my public is usually reduced to two. But what two, let me tell you!


I recently had to defend a hot cake coming straight from the oven of Andy and Paul’s attack. Through the process I had to face severe critics: egoism, zealousness, craving the first bite, wanting it all for myself… The usual stuff.


“I am just defending a newborn!” that’s all I could managed as an excuse.