Four Weddings and a Big Question


If I am not mistaken, today is World Kiss Day. I guess this is a date few people are aware of, though I truly think it should be well known. Kissing is fun, enjoyable and one of the best ways of telling the immense variety of human feelings.


Besides, I also have other reason to celebrate the 28th: the wedding of someone very dear to me. Because of both reasons, I picked the date for another wedding. Actually from this day on I shall be concerned with four weddings… and hopefully with no funeral.


Maybe because it is wedding time, I also organized a honey-moon in Ponta do Ouro with most of the stuff I like: house on the beach where only Macua baths are possible (post of 2008-04-16), champagne, music, books, nice food, a warm blanket, goggles and snorkel… What else? A few things more, for sure.


What about the big question? I do have so many questions… Maybe the weather is the big question here. I expect, at least, a great deal of daring sun!