Winter Writing

Mozambican summer is still hitting us in full with its magnificence, and I’m already doing plans for winter. For now, I can only conceive what depends of my own decisions. I shall continue my Tales From The Sea, hoping to have our Navegador boat ready for real summer adventures in the near future.


I’ll keep taking pictures when I can, and I also intend to dedicate one day per week to learn a little more about photography.


I had decided to open a new poetry blog in French, dedicating another day of the week to the French language and poetry. But then, two days after writing my first French poem, I started to “think” in that language. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve been continuously writing in English or not, the dilemma still subsists: in order to improve my English, I have to “forget” the second language I learned – only because French easily takes control.


Just for curiosity, here is my humble first French poem:


Notre Marche Sans Bout

Je t’attendais depuis toujours

Comme promesse vague

Au fond d’un avenir sombre

Et quand finalement tu as enveloppé
Le grand compositeur de l’amour
Dans la dissonance de ton regard
J’ai déchiré le grand silence
Language complice oú bien transparence
Mais c’était trop tard
                                   trop tard.


Besides tales, poetry, photography and supporting some of Paul’s projects, my main efforts will target serious writing. And for all that I just need a touch of wintry quietness.