A Walk With a Theme


Last Saturday of April saw me returning to the Marginal walk to witness the first pink winter sunset of 2008. It could be painful to remember some events of last year, but it was such a nice day that soon I had other things in my mind.


A great part of this walk represented an opportunity to discuss the political impasse in Zimbabwe with Paul. Basically, he was updating me and I was concluding a few relevant aspects. Remarkably, Paul agreed with most of my ideas.


This is my general impression on the subject: 1) Zimbabwe is a problem difficult to face for any true African who is forced to pick between the still existing sentiment of “proud independence” and the recognition that such regime is unacceptable. 2) All the anti-Mugabism talk is ignoring the existence of a group who maintained him in power, and still wants him there, despite all the social and economical wrong effects of his leadership. A solution has to take this group in consideration. 3) Another peaceful solution for Zimbabwe could be through the influence and pressure of neighbouring countries, but for that a great deal of diplomatic work is needed in order to overcome delicate aspects such as Tambo Mbeki – leading the SADC countries in this particular matter – being married to a sister of Mugabo’s wife.


Meanwhile, with the menacing clouds of a military intervention standing over, the status quo prevails.