I am prone to addictions. They used to be the common type, but now I am getting good at picking the strange kind. I had a few addictions during my lifetime. The firsts I remember were food related. I still believe that anything that I like too much, like oranges, cherries, figs, fresh cheese, nuts or crispy tartlets, can develop into allergy. Most food allergies are under control, if I don’t abuse, while some addictions turned into real allergies.


Before my twenties I had my “big addiction”, because everybody was smoking at that time. It took me years to understand that I liked the smell of cigarettes, not the taste. From that realization, it was over. The same principle applied to coffee and fizzy drinks.


After quit smoking, I started to develop silly addictions, the worst of them all being to mille-feuille cakes, now under control but still playing in a recondite gourmand part of my brain.


At this stage, I wasn’t expecting having to deal with another destructive (aren’t they all?) addiction: chewing my fingers while watching home movies. As always, I’ve been trying to understand this behavior and have come to the following conclusions: 1) It’s anxiety related. 2) It’s poor quality of the movies related. 3) It’s genetic because I’ve seen my children doing the same. 4) It’s difficult to control.


Decided to do something about it without exposing my taste buds to chemical bitterness, I’ve come with the extreme measure of watching movies with silicone gloves on. Tell me if you can imagine anything more ridiculous than that!