Which Fairy Tale?


Yesterday I realized that most of my friends are divorced, and some are even precocious widows. The divorced group seems to be living the good life! From time to time, when I meet one of them, we always wonder why on earth we have lost contact.


Sometime ago, one of the group commented, without a second of vacillation: “Long time no see you, Seabell! No wonder we call you Cinderella…”


You know Cinderella’s story. With this simple comment, she was referring to our different options: she is divorced, a partygoer, a night bird, always attending some happening of this city busy nightlife. Like Cinderella, I stay home enjoying a quiet life at Paul’s side. By the way, Paul is very critical towards these “liberated friends”…


At first I was sad and amused by her observation, but soon I started to wonder how interesting it would be if we all could fit into some fairy tale character. And if we could, which fairy tale would you be?