A Tragic Sign


I like to have objectives. They keep me busy and attentive to the “outside”. This is very important for people with the tendency of introspection. I started recently one of my projects. Due to limitations in terms of photography, I picked one of the so many possible subjects available in the only safe place where I can walk with a camera: Miradouro.


Not so long ago I observed that musicians select Miradouro to meet and play. I started photographing with all my patience: either it can go a month without seeing a single one or I meet players in consecutive days. Last Sunday I met a guitar player and four days later another one. This one was playing and singing… Wonderful character! I deeply felt not having a camera with me. I couldn’t forgive myself for leaving it behind.


But then we found a group of people curiously staring at the green bush extending from Miradouro to the Marginal walk surrounding the bay. We approached them, trying to understand what that fuss was all about. To my dismay, I discovered that a couple had been just mugged. Someone came from the street, grabbed the lady’s purse and run away through the green bush.


Paul told me that from now on he is going to drive me to the place where the guitar player is, and I shoot from there. It’s not fun depending on Paul’s mood. Besides, taking pictures from a car is not a summer picnic. So, at the same time I expressed my concern, I couldn’t avoid a deep sigh: “Yerrrssss! What about my project?”