Best of May 2008



I thought my best of May was a personal matter. I was wrong and I knew it even before I was sure of that, because when something is very wrong I start to need sugar in a strange way. It is three years now without having to deal with a real sugar crisis.


However, my best is already picked: it was this May that I returned to Macaneta for our winter picnic. For the first time, it crossed my mind finding somewhere else to welcome winter but I don’t know any other place around where a battle was fought and spirits can understand this need to celebrate life. Only the thought of a change felt strange to me!


It is time to welcome winter, hopefully a mild one, and let other people enjoy the amenities of summer. So we went and got a surprise… Things seem to be moving up there! For the first time we witnessed a coordinate action pro-tourism. It is a very timid action, nevertheless one to be acknowledged and supported.


Instead of long descriptions, this time I show you part of my photo album picturing one of the last summer days of this season: amazing river, palm horizon, crossing roads, local boats, beach symmetry, waiting for fish, blue sea, expected arrival, catch of the day, beach businessplayful companion, wild vegetation, dirty road, unusual traffic, packed return, close contact