Kid is a dog from Macaneta. Though I like him very much, I am learning that there is “something” very professional about a beach dog’s friendship.


During a short day of devoted company, Kid multiplied in arts and tasks to make our stay more pleasant. He was a guard. He kept at large unwanted people and other dogs – be it on the beach or near our chalet. He obeyed to our commands: sit, stay, fetch and a few more. He walked, if we walked. He ran, if one of us ran. In order to show his ability as a provider, he killed crabs for us. He silently waited next to our table for us to finish our meals, without begging. He slept against the door of our room, ready to defend us with his own life.


Early morning he felt like he deserved a reward: entering for the first time inside our room, whose door we kept open for most of the time. He didn’t dare to trespass it until he performed his main task: guarantee our peaceful sleep.


I know the next day he will be doing the same for other guests, but how can I love him less just because of that?