Old Diaries


It is kind of a journey to go through old diaries. I usually don’t keep them, except for two. There is no special reason for keeping precisely these two, it just happened. Sometimes I even wonder why on earth I still keep two, as I stopped writing diaries since I have a blog where I write a lot more, in terms of words, but I am less factual, because maybe I don’t use tags as I should.


Anyway, recently I picked into my old diaries, true testimonies of bits and pieces of my life. Here are some of the curious notes I’ve found:


2004-01-11Various notes like pin codes for TD’s and my cells, my blood pressure (105-80), measures of our ironing table, etc.


2004-02-04A list of important events for newspaper’ editing.


2004-03-09A note saying that TD had been studying and living in Johannesburg for 8 years up to this date.


2004-05-11Salvador Dali was born 100 years ago.


2004-06-09Donald Duck’s seventy birthday.


2004-07-23The coldest day of 2004.


2001-01-15A list of goodies I recommend for our boat trips, including: tuna-mayonnaise sandwiches, cheese-tomato sandwiches, crisps, prawn cakes, fruit salad in individual cups, coconut cookies, water and wines.


2001-02-06I was terribly enthusiastic about the arrival of an order of summer jewels from Bali for my surf shop.


2001-03-12I took note of 115 liters of white paint and 20 liters of red paint used on the exterior of our house.


2001-04-28Fifty years wedding anniversary of my parents.


2001-04-30Note about JP getting his drivers’ license in 1999. Two years ago he had driven us around for the first time, very proud of his achievement.


2001-05-01Here I wrote: Don’t forget today. When everybody is celebrating Labour Day, you are celebrating another event dated 1997.


Sometimes I just wonder if I should remember or definitively forget.