How I Saved a Spider


Recently, when I was returning from Macaneta, I noticed a dark spot outside my window. At first I thought it to be a dead fly clued to the screen, but even so it was strange how it could resist to the strong afternoon wind against the speeding car.


Suddenly, I realized that the spot was moving. Whatever it was, it was alive. Only from its efforts to keep in place I could confirm that it was a very small spider.


During minutes I stayed undecided, witnessing that fierce struggle to survive. I wondered if I should interfere. Natural laws say I shouldn’t. But then, a strong impulse told me to do otherwise.


I took a tissue and softly pressed it against the small body, releasing it on the back seat of the car. For moments it stood motionless. When I was about to conclude that I was learning the “don’t interfere lesson”, the spider moved and disappeared inside the car. Right in front of us, one of the chapa 100 busses displayed the interesting sign “The Mysterious”.


Nearly half an hour later, when we arrived, my first concern was recommending guard George to be careful with the spider when cleaning the car. We started to organize our beach stuff. More than a hour later, I went upstairs where the first thing I saw, “parked” in one of my favorite places, was the little spider. Paul asked me how could I be so sure that it was the same spider. I couldn’t, as it is evident. But there was something in the size, in the color… My intuition was telling me it was. Besides, as we traveled with two weekend suitcases, taken to our room as soon as we arrived, I wasn’t talking impossible.


And now? Now I have a Macaneta spider living inside my house! And each time I remember this, I will ask myself: “Did I saved this spider or is this spider here to save me?”