Happy Day


We are counting the days still missing to celebrate Andy’s date. This matter is becoming the main subject inside and outside the house. In spite of Andy’s reservations, I am quite excited myself. He claims JP is not here and he has other plans for his money, but I have this feeling that we will have a nice party. Maybe even better than the one we had two years ago, when the World Cup was going on.


One of my first moves towards celebrating Andy’s birthday was helping Paul in the process of picking a gift for him. It’s done now. My own gift is going to be a full period of dance lessons, mainly salsa, which I found to be Andy’s style.


Anyway, Paul was paying for his gift when I remarked:


“I picked this wrapping paper because it says Happy Day…”


“Where?” Paul asked.


The teller showed to Paul the very small words. Paul commented something like “appropriated” and went to the wrapping counter while I waited for the change. The teller gave it to me, at the same time saying:


“I feel like singing Happy Day…”


Why do this kind of things keep happening to me? That was my first reaction, but then I thought: “Why not? Maybe they happen to other people too, but they don’t notice them or don’t care to talk about them.”


So, I said something like: “Go ahead…” And he started. As it is evident, I had to sing along. That’s how a wrapping paper turned a happy day into a happier one.