Paul, The Humorist


Lets say that Paul hates the idea of leaving home, but at the same time he loves when he does it. That is the truth! A contradiction, he is. When we were on the road to a lodge located in an isolated area of Macaneta, he was all smiles and excitement.


Suddenly, the road turned into three kilometers of desert-like sand and the car started to swing and complain. He panicked.


“Something must be wrong. I can smell burning!” I said right before he had to stop just a few meters from the lodge sign.


“Do you know what is wrong? I am wrong here! I am not a *** Indiana Jones!” Paul said while he tried to guess what the problem was. Being a 4×4, it was supposed to cope with all types of road.


I walked to the lodge seeking for help. As it was soon to be proved, Andy and Paul had neglected the simple rule of preparing the tyres for that kind of road. Help arrived in the form of two men and a woman from the lodge. They took charge of getting rid of the excessive air. From that moment on, Paul humor only improved.


He was particularly critical with the simplicity of the place and its ecological conception. He said he found the owners like coming from a Lost episode. He almost fainted when he saw that we had no electricity.


At the end of our stay, which he clearly enjoyed more than he let me know, he told me:


“Seabell, from now on I want the following information about the places we visit, by this order of importance: road access, electricity, modality and costs involved.”


As far as I can foresee, if I take Paul’s demand seriously I can only stay in the same type of accommodation! Anyway, it was thanks to his remark that I remembered to write a post about things to expect when on a Mozambican beach. It’s fun just to idealize it: Seabell’s Guide To Mozambican Beaches!