Saturday 14th of June I had a stir-fry for dinner. As I wasn’t at home, better tell you about it from the start.


Last year I discovered a B&B owned by a European ambassador based in Mozambique. It is small, it is quiet, it’s very clean and it’s very handy for shopping or safari expeditions, mostly in a place where only road hotels are available.


I was looking forward to meet Cara, the plain but efficient and friendly German manager. To tell the truth, she was one of the reasons for my insistence in returning. As soon as we asked for her, we were informed that she was no longer there. In her place, another lady received us with a nice, polite manner. As we soon understood, a couple slightly older than Cara is now running the business.


We had booked and also ordered dinner, expecting a nice pasta à la Cara. Instead, the new lady manager, Laura’s her name, informed us that she had a sir-fry planned and asked if it was all right. We agreed with the menu.


At the set time, we showed up at the dining. Despite the B&B being full, we were supposedly the only ones caring about a homemade meal. Dinner was: green salad, stir-fry, homemade chocolate cake and wine on the house.


I asked if the couple managing the house had already dinned, and when he said no, I suggested that they sat and ate with us, what they gladly accepted. It turned out to be a pleasant meal, enlightened by: 1) Social and political situation in SA and Zimbabwe: here conversation grew positively heated! 2) Story of the hosting couple. 3) Discovery that we had already met through common friends. 4) Realization that my spoken English has also improved, though I suspect a glass of wine helped a lot – giving me loquaciousness and also a migraine.


It’s impossible to report here all the subjects we talked about, but I cannot ignore their love story. He is an European, with all the manners of the place where he was born and raised, though he doesn’t seem very proud of his roots. During years he worked in the tea business. She was an air stewardess. He traveled a lot and that’s how they met. Later they came to Mozambique, where he also worked in the tea for quite sometime. It was interesting to follow how they ended up managing a B&B not far from the Kruger. In Mozambique, they were neighbors of our good friends, and that’s how we met them a couple of times. The recognition came at the end of the meal, like a surprise dessert.


But the night was meant to be full of surprises. When I asked about Cara’s destiny, Laura, the ex-stewardess turned B&B manager, decided that now I deserved a complete explanation.


“She met someone…” she confided with a shy smile, and after that second realizing that I deserved to know, she detailed: “Cara met someone man through the internet, left everything and is now living with him in Europe.”


My reaction? I felt like laughing. I think two days after I was still laughing. Even when I was told that the gates to the Kruger were closed, I was laughing. Even when I found fires burning so close to the park, and couldn’t avoid the thought of the risk for people and wild life, I was laughing and laughing. Do you know why was I laughing? I found hilarious the way some people dare to live what others only dare to dream. Those who dare to live end up living the dreams of those who only dare to dream.


It was subsequent to all this that I had to face the truth about myself, about my priorities. They certainly aren’t the same as Cara’s! No doubt that love can be important in someone’s life, but because of a stir-fry I definitively learned that my priorities are: 1) My own self quest. 2) My treasure quest.


Now stir-fry all this, if you can!