My Name Is Kim


It seems it’s becoming usual (?) for people to introduce themselves like this:


“My name is Kim. I am 29 and I like sex.”


If they say it, it’s because people out there think it’s quite normal and maybe that’s even what they want to hear. I have to tell that I am a little puzzled with stating something like that publicly.


In contrast, the other day, while I was waiting for something to happen, I was entertained by one of those gossip columns where a certain man described how a certain ex-girlfriend was good in terms of performance. At the end of this “brilliant” text, I felt a deep sympathy for her and asked myself who would pick such man, even if he were the last one on earth.


What I have to remark to those girls: 1) Isn’t it common to like sex? 2) Shouldn’t people describe themselves for the things that best individualize them? 3) Wouldn’t it be more interesting to let a particular person discover how good you are, instead of advertising it to any?


If you want to know, if I read or hear someone talking in that manner I could easily feel like replying with one of the below:


“Do you need to say it to convince yourself?”
“Do you fake it that well?”
“Are you that needy?”
“You do? Curious, because I don’t.”
“Glad to meet you. My name is Kim. I am 92 and I like sex too.”