Mister Never Happy


It was our usual daily walk. I couldn’t resist pointing to Paul the soft pink and blue sunset substituting the orange and red summer tones. It has been such nice winter days, in Maputo!


The same moment I was talking, I noticed a curious look coming from the male half of a white couple walking on the same direction we were walking. As we were doing it a lot faster, minutes later we crossed with them again, but now on opposite directions.


As soon as I saw them coming towards us, I knew he was going to stare at me. I would say the man in question is middle age, though I am not sure what middle age is. (If one dies at sixty, then middle age is thirty. But if dying happens later, lets say at hundred and twenty, then middle age is sixty.) Anyway, there is a common sense that middle age is forty, maybe based in the ideal of living at least eighty years – an ideal Africans are still very far from reaching.


That man was holding the right hand of a girl surely half his age. It was impossible for me to ignore the opportunity of wondering about male behavior in terms of sexuality. It’s no use: men are always hunting! So, to the ladies dealing with similar problems, my words are: don’t try to stop that natural curiosity and be happy if it stays like that.


Now that sexuality is no longer a tabu (notwithstanding all the negative repression still existing and doing more harm than good), but a free form of expression, you must always remember that what counts are feelings. Sexual contents are so available and common! Sometimes, feelings are the only thing we can rely on. Does he stares at another women? Don’t bother if he has feelings for you that show in every single gesture he does!


We crossed a third time with the same couple. This round the one I could notice clearly staring was the female. She was evaluating competition… It all fitted the principles: 1) Men cannot avoid the “never happy with what they got” behavior. 2) Half of the women cannot avoid the insecurity born from that behavior. 3) The other half can never thank enough the boost to their egos.


That’s simply how things are. We cannot change them. We can only rely on feelings – when they exist.


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