Love and Professions


More from books than from reality, I learned that women (some women? all women?) are attracted to men with a given profession. We all know jokes involving milkmen, postmen, plumbers, etc.


I also have an idea of real life stories of women who systematically fall for the same type of men: lowlife, powerful, poets, saints, doctors, stars, teachers…


So then, I started wondering which professional type could be mine. It wasn’t difficult discovering something that I already knew: I always had a thing for political analysts. I was remembered of that tendency when I was invaded by a happy feeling since Paul returned to his real job, after a long detour as consultant and manager. There is something fascinating in the art of putting together political facts, reading them and advancing with hypothesis.


Despite my admiration for political wizards, I have to tell you what I’ve learned from my personal experience and observation: in terms of professions, hearts are completely blind!