I don’t know how other writing people do, but in terms of producing words I am convinced that I work much better in the middle of the night. That means falling asleep after the usual routines, usually after reading or watching a movie, to wake up one or two hours later and start writing until the birds start to sing (4 or 5am).


It is evident that I have to stop after two or three weeks of such regime, when I start to feel very tired. The idea of morning writing is impossible because: 1) I like to sleep during the morning. 2) Mornings around here are busy and noisy.


If the system stands, it worries me I could end up with “night eyes”, just like a friend I have who never sleeps during the night. I use this expression to describe his eyes, assuming that bags and dark marks are un… evidences of his nightlife.


It is kind of interesting knowing someone like him. During decades he has been sleeping during the day, wakening late afternoon for breakfast, having lunch instead of dinner and then starting his “productive” life: meeting friends, talking and drinking.


I guess there are clear differences between him and I. He seeks the night for talking and drinking. I seek the night for quietness and sobriety from the rhythm of daily life.


In this moment I am not writing. With such a method, who would be surprised? The last time I advanced a bit, one of my characters showed signs of rebellion: instead of following the nice path I had figured out for him, he just decided to behave in a very unlikely strange way. It was like if he had a life of his own. Did I get scared because of it? Does the same happen with other writers too? Rebellious characters, what an unexpected turn!


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  1. I won’t. It’s just that I’m stuck with the profession of one character and the rebellion of another. Thanks for your incentive!

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