Record of Dive-1


This is a first diving report. It’s a metaphorical one, as you may guess, substituting the week-by-week account. Just a different form of recording!


Date of Dives: 5 to 11 of July.
Dive Locations: Angola, Belgium and Mozambique.
Type of Dive: surface.
Maximum Depth of Dive: 38ft.
Breathing Mixture Used: air, lots of air.
Local Weather Condition: fair.

Divers & Jobs: Andy has been busy, with the help of KT’s substitute Américo, and emotionally stable; Jo is in Angola and has been in contact; Paul has interesting job perspectives; JP is happily enjoying his short holidays, before heading to South Africa where he is supposed to attend a specialization course; NB, the newly wed diver, is already divorced; TD is somewhere in Europe, still involved with music; Vic is around, and soon he will be in touch now that JP is in Maputo.