Record of Dive-2


JP’s holidays are almost over. Because of that (and a few others aspects), this has been a sad week for us. There is an atmosphere of senselessness about road accidents unlike anything else. Though, as a consequence of new things happening or about to happen, there is also a sense of excitement lingering.


Date of Dives: 12 to 18 of July.

Dive Locations: Angola, France and Mozambique.
Type of Dive: bell bounce.
Maximum Depth: 200ft.
Breathing Mixture Used: thin air.
Weather Conditions: sunny and cold.


Divers & Jobs: Andy learned that his construction project has been rejected due to a technical aspect, and now it’s starting from scratch; Jo calls from time to time, mainly to speak with JP; Paul has been busy diving for words; JP celebrated the first weekend with a big bite in his assets, even so, the size of that bite is nothing compared with the one left after the second weekend – and the irony is that the accident wasn’t drinking related but raining related (aqua planning); I believe NB, the divorced diver, is still in Angola; After Belgium and England, TD must be now in France: Vic and his Ponta do Ouro diver-brother met with JP during the week.