King of Fish



JP is not particularly fond of fish. He eats it when he has to. It seems many other fishermen are like this. His top proteins are: 1) Meat. 2) Chicken. 3) Eggs. 4) Prawns. 5) A few other shellfish.


The only thing we have against fish is the smell and the mess, especially because we don’t get it from the fishmonger. Coming straight from the sea to our backyard, the freshness is guaranteed but what a strong stomach we must have! Usually one of the guards volunteer for the job because he keeps one fish for himself or at least the heads – used for a traditional recipe.


Occasionally we get a few different fish, though we could live just on king mackerel, a fish only existing in the southern hemisphere. Why do we like it? It is clean and versatile. With it we can do almost anything, though we particularly like it in fillets. The taste of the flesh varies a little with region and season.


It is the fish with more commercial value around here. This pelagic fish is known for its huge size. The average weight of the available king mackerel in markets is 5 to 10kg, but when JP is our supplier it can reach more than 30kg. JP has been close to the international record a few times what means near the 34kg mark.


We are not very particular in terms of seasons. This king tastes usually good. As for region, I can say that we like the king mackerel coming from Závora, a beach near Xai-Xai. We have good memories involving king mackerels from Závora. Maybe one day I’ll write about them.