George’s Theory



George has been working for two, now that Albert is in Zambezia. As a matter of fact, we all are – proving that we don’t have expendable hands here. Sometimes he is surprised to find some of the work done before his arrival, and he has strange ways of appreciation. Recently he showed it by acknowledging the existence of strong people: people never saying no to a job and people capable of persevering under difficult circumstances. No doubt he has strong ideas on this matter! The world, according to George, is divided in two groups: the group of strong people and the group of weak people. Presumably, he his strong, guard and philosopher!


George is a rarity. He never says no to work and his versatility is amazing: security, cleaning, shopping, painting, mechanics, plumbing, electricity and a few more. He started working for Andy, when he had a small business employing ten people, one of them George. When we needed someone to replace another guard, we called him. The first week working for us he was caught stealing gasoline from the cars. We had two options: immediately send him away or keep him. We decided to keep him after he agreed to sign a paper where he confessed the stealing episode. We explained that by signing it he would never forget. It worked! He never stole again and became our best, faithful worker. Imagine if we had condemned him for that first mistake.


George’s youngest daughter is a mystery. It seems he is hiding her from us. Meanwhile, suspecting that she might be a special child, we have been trying to make her winter warm and colorful.