Road to Macaneta



From Marracuene to Macaneta there is only a good stretch of dirty road, sometimes passable, sometimes a trap. Any Macaneta enthusiast has already experienced both, for sure! Because it crosses a swamp, when it rains the road almost disappears, changing its tracing in such a way that makes it hard or even difficult to see.


Besides being a Russian roulette, this road extends across beautiful unspoiled rural sceneries. In terms of tourism, this road itself has a lot of potentialities, being a favorite among bikers. If it only existed a good safe parking for cars (it could be on the other side of the river), and nice transportation for the tourists from the ferry to the beaches, the interest would surely grow. It could be a service from the lodges, a private business or both.


This road also offers the possibility of contact with: 1) Country life – by transforming empty like farms into something more interesting. 2) African rural ways – by opening a village and village houses to tourist visits. 3) People, mainly children – but that had to happen in different terms from the actual ones. 4) Commercialization of local products – though some are already offered, it can be improved.


A lot more could be said, but this is already a good start. Anyway, it feels like doing something for a place where no plastic bags fly around (yet) or any other kind of rubbish to be precise.A truly rarity!