Ruins of Dreams


By the end of the nineties and beginning of the new century, Mozambique experienced an incredible boom. People believed in the economy and invested all they could. Some of them even invested what they couldn’t: they went to the banks for capital and have been spending the last five years facing debt.


It is not easy advancing with the real reasons of such recession. They are many, but one of them has to be the existence of two different discourses towards the private sector: the words and the praxis.


So, what is left of the money invested in Mozambique during the turning of the century boom? Most of it disappeared: money, business and investor, all together. Some barely survive due to a weak alliance with the public sector.


But this is not an economical analysis. It’s just a note of how sad is witnessing the bankrupt of the private sector!


During the boom period there was a popular restaurant in Moamba, a small neighboring town. If you visit that restaurant, you will understand the meaning of this text. It’s perceptible that the owner of that restaurant had big plans. Today, those plans are only concrete ruins, emptiness and desolation. In that place, even cats and dogs seem to have known better times.