Cold Town


Johannesburg is surprisingly cold, especially for someone lost in the equation Africa = hot.


Even when most people seem so eager to tell that “summer is around the corner”, you can chill, shudder and freeze from one moment to the other. Except for cold fronts, we were told that the weather has been spring like, with temperatures dropping to negatives or close during the night.


The “City of Gold” had a different face to show us this time: 1) Traffic has increased substantially, and so pollution. 2) People are in general very friendly, but fear still reigns. 3) The whole town has become a construction site due to the approaching 2010 World Cup. Mainly the Gautrain, the first train transportation system, is causing a stir in terms of city traffic. 4) While middle and upper classes fear the worst from a scenario of Zuma as president, people on the streets swear by it, because “he is not elitist” and “he has suffered and because of that he will listen to people’s needs”.


Ah! Passion, ingenuity and politics! What a delightful cocktail!