White Cow


Isn’t it interesting how different people can be? Picture an old couple sitting on the porch of their country cottage. He has been watching some kind of animal from a distance. He stares at it until he can recognize a caw. Then, he turns to his wife and asks:


“Did you notice a white caw in the middle of that field?”


“Yes. As a matter of fact, I did. But I have to tell you, my husband, that you are wrong: that caw is grey!”


“No way! It’s white. From here I can clearly see its white fur.”


The woman keeps silent for a good while. She looks at the grey caw lazily grazing on the distant green field. Noticing that her husband is about to return to the subject to reaffirm the white color on and on, she cuts him by saying:


“You are right! That caw is white! My mistake!”


Yep! People are that different: for each stubborn mind there is a clever, conciliatory one.


This is about a woman called Francisca. With her methodology, she managed to live without ever quarreling. One is left wondering how wise is to be like that? It doesn’t make you live longer, since she died at 45 of heart failure. Could her gentle, submissive manner be already a consequence of her weak heart?