Falling Into a Trap


KK, one of Andy and JP’s best friends, got married. To be precise, he was forced into marriage. This is his story:


KK is young. His plans are enjoying life, nothing else. But a few months ago he met a South African girl, during a very short period of her stay in Maputo.


Two months after, he was informed of her pregnancy. He followed the situation from Maputo. Then, one day, his heart melted: she was expecting twins! He offered, as he should, to pay for all the expenses, what he immediately did.


Almost seven months after the “fact”, two twin girls were born. The medical bill was astronomical, mainly because of the incubators where they have spent the first period of their lives. He paid and paid. At a certain stage, he couldn’t any longer afford and his mother started to pay too.


He didn’t complain. On the contrary, he looked like the happiest guy in the whole world. He behaved like he had hit the jackpot. He was investing in two wonderful children. After the hospital bills were fully paid, her family came with the following sentence: “If you don’t marry her, you won’t see the twins again!”


He panicked. Before the girls completed one month, he had already tied the knot. Don’t go thinking it was a simple ceremony! It started with a diamond ring and it went all the way through, until mother and twins installed themselves in his bachelor house.


It’s no use to describe how she was. Try to picture someone who spends most of the day in bed, watching satellite channels, demands two nannies for the babies and openly says she won’t breast feed the twins to spare her boobs… You got it, for sure!


KK friends, including Andy and JP, got suspicious. There was something fake about her. They talked with him, but he was too happy and too proud with his recent parenthood to listen.


Eventually, his mother got suspicious too. She took the twins and paid for DNA testing. The result was unmistakable: the girls were not KK’s daughters. The result is another friend divorcing. By now, the ones getting married are already divorced, so Andy and JP must be learning that waiting is the wisest thing to do.


Nevertheless, his worst mistake was marrying without love or he would keep her and the babies, instead of rushing to the lawyers. KK’s story can end up here. There is no point in wasting more words to tell how he and his mother are devastated!