Is there a real way to deal with curses? If you know one, you could be helpful here. Someone with a tremendous bad luck in terms of jewelry left for repair a silver ankle chain and a gold ankle chain, besides two pink stones to make up a pendant and a ring. Simple stuff! The person accepting the items and giving a receipt for them had a shop in a well-known mall since a reasonable number of years. Returning to the place a little surprised by the silence, that cursed person learned that the shop was closed and no one seemed to know the owners’ whereabouts. A tentative of contacting them by phone also failed.


Because it’s not the first time, the unfortunate victim believes to be dealing with a malign force. While investigating an old sorcerers book, the best remedies found read more or less like this: 1) For a mild protection: a fire constantly burning, holy water or the sign of the cross. 2) For a medium protection, one has to drink a mix of two strange herbs with two drops of blood, collected front the left paw of a black dog. (Poor Thoth!) 3) For a stronger protection, one has to walk everywhere with a wood stick decorated with a dried viper’s head. According to the same book, it’s infallible!


Any better suggestion?