Hugging Africa


He is a nice guy. He is Russian and it shows. He has been traveling for three months in Africa, taking his time. His name is Alex and he has a simple plan: completing a circle in Africa, with start and finish line in Egypt. He didn’t tell, but meeting different people and places must also figure in his agenda.


Andy found him by chance and I think they get along pretty well. He tried to organize a few things during his stay, the most important being the assembling of a group who made sure that Alex’s motorbike was fit for the road ahead.


Alex told how he had this idea of completing a loop in African soil. At this stage, he estimates as much as thirty percent already done. Alex travels alone because all his mates are busy. Despite the unavoidable loneliness and worries, most of the time he feels well and safe. The image of a hostile and dangerous continent doesn’t seem to bother him.


From the places already visited he liked Tanzania the most, though he didn’t explain why. However, it’s to Mozambique he intends to return – if it’s correct what a little bird said.