Tale For the Lonely One


When did he discover that he was all by himself? He had been like that his entire life, but the realization of his loneliness came as a shock and made him cry. Since then he has been living with the awareness of how lonely he always was.


People existed and events unfolded around him, but he went through life as if nothing mattered. Maybe the irrelevancy of people, facts and things came from their inability in changing his state of utter loneliness.


With each passing year, he had grown indifferent to his loneliness. He knew about people fighting the same feelings, but he stopped wanting to change the state of things. He stopped being exasperated or hopeful towards other people. He mastered the contradiction of being alone in the middle of a crowd. He ignored the suffocating anguish.


His loneliness grew and strengthened inside of him, strangely becoming suave and familiar – as any old companion should. Those who let loneliness grew inside of him were only able to create an abyss between him and them. He absorbed it, without drowning. It all happened quietly. That’s when he started to find some peace within his lonely existence. No one ever knew or guessed how lonely he was, except for himself, the lonely one.