Winter Dancing


Andy has been learning the difference between club dancing and serious dancing. He doesn’t seem to enjoy the process, but he is persevering – thanks to a few shoves!


I guess he concluded that he could dance from the inconsequent shaking of his butt in some bar, after a couple of drinks. Wrong! Try learning one of the known dance styles and you will see what sweat and tears is: from posture to steps, from dedication to iron will to keep going, dancing it’s all about hard work. Maybe you will also discover if you are really talented. If you aren’t, don’t give up. More than a few steps of dance, that’s the lesson Andy has yet to learn.


Andy’s favorite dance partner is a full of joy fifties something lady, mother-in-law of the dance teacher. He skipped two classes and now he must be missing her effusiveness. Sure thing!


Speaking of dancing, recently I read about a “silent rave” (people gather to dance together listening to their tunes of choice via individual headphones), organized not far from here. It was supposed to be an opportunity of dancing in a secure environment. Well, three groups (of 10 to 15 each) showed up. According to the commentator, there was a glorious moment when one of the groups moved and grooved “in clean, white silence”. For the rest, what seems to stand from that African translation of an overseas craze was the instant someone, unable to hear the warning shouts, got hit in the head by a flying frisbee!