City Buskers


Now and then I photograph street musicians. Most of the time, Maputo musicians hang around the Miradouro walk.


Recently, while in Johannesburg, we spent a great deal of time in a place where South Africans artists play for food or notoriety – if there’s a difference… It’s quite interesting that amalgam of beggars, poets and performers.


Strange as it may seem, in Maputo, where beggars grow from trees, we can only find poets and musicians on the streets. They only beg for a better stage than Mozambique is right now.


I met a pair of them recently. One of them writes and the other plays guitar. They talked to me of how hard is to follow such ungrateful road: the lack of incentives, the inexistence of a market… Still, they keep playing and writing. Sitting on hard steps, they are buskers of a different kind. And what a soft heart they all have!