Jeans are more than trendy. They are above fashion. (Are they?) They are good for everyday wear, either when we feel great or down. They are wearable those times when we don’t know what else to wear, like cave people before us opted for fur to cover themselves. They are just there. Sometimes they are right. Most of the time, they don’t. Sometimes it’s just a specific group of people wearing them; sometimes, a whole nation.


A year ago, attending a Mozambican party without jeans seemed to be a social gaff. (Why do I get sometimes the sensation that fashion is a uniform like issue?) Partying today is a lot more feminine, with cute colorful dresses.


But the truth is that jeans are never out of fashion and I guess (and hope?) it’s going to be like this for a very long time. That’s why I have something to ask:


“Dear jeans manufacturers, why not invest a little in finding a way of sparing our skin from the metal contact, particularly harmful around the navel area?”


In reality, the contact with the metal is almost unavoidable and the result is not pretty to see. Having in mind that more than half population suffers from eczema or any other form of skin reaction, don’t you think it’s time for acknowledging this fact? And, by the way, why not include other manufacturers too?