White Anniversary


It’s incredible but it’s two years now that I’ve been (more or less faithfully) writing in here! I’m celebrating this fact today: my stubborn attempt to give you a large picture of my world. So then, a special week ahead!


I still write in English because I see it as a way of learning (or at least not forgetting) the basics of a language so useful to me. I have to tell that I am very proud of speaking and writing in Portuguese too, and that’s how serious writing usually is.


My experience over the past two years has been like living inside a coconut shell. I had to bite my way out of that shell. It wasn’t hard at all. Only two bites and… out! Besides biting, I’ve been dancing, attending tae bo classes and traveling too frequently to South Africa, where we try to get parts to fix JP’s car. I also introduced relaxing activities into my routines, such as: needle work, comfortable pyjamas, a new summer ra ra ra dancing wardrobe, sudoku and, for the third period in my life, I’ve been twirling hula-hoops.


Still influenced by the white world inside that shell, I’ve done something I am very proud of: a bathroom makeover.


Old houses always have weakest links. Ours was a service (common) bathroom. For ages we had as a sure thing that only a completely new bathroom could solve the problem. We were wrong. Thanks to the help of carpenter Mateus and guard George, I can say that we proved ourselves wrong.


How does it look? Not modern, because we were keen in keeping some features, like the large bathtub and the 50’s floor. The main thing is that it has also: a new all white spot clean tone (monochromic is proving to be a good way to discipline eclectic tastes around here), new rust free mirrors, birds, ducks and other pleasant aspects.


The day the makeover was ninety per cent completed, I took a foam bath in the almost finished bathroom with a white duck called Lilly (I was coming from the tae class and the name of the teacher popped out instantly) and a glass of French champagne responsible for a subsequent naughty migraine. That’s when the thought of champagne and my old treasure quest summed together in one, and I saw myself buying all the bottled bubbles in this town to celebrate a positive outcome with a champagne bath. Bathroom makeovers can have decadent effects, I see!


Bubbling the lives of a few Mozambican children is also on my agenda…