Sugar Diet


During my first attempts in the Internet world I stumbled over a text of a guy living in Mozambique, where he complained about Mozambican girls he called Sugar Daddies. He criticized their materialistic behavior and explained the name attached to them because they usually accepted the company of older man, known to be much more generous.


It is no secret or lie that some Mozambican girls are dating to pay things like phone cards, nice clothes and dinning. I guess it can be disturbing for a man to think: “If I don’t give her what she wants, she walks out…” But I also find ingenuity to imagine that relationships are totally material free.


If a man (or a woman) doesn’t pay for dinner, cinema and so on, the other option would be spending lots of time dividing the bills, what can be boring and ridiculous. I like to have someone paying my bills, when I need it, and I also like to pay the bills of people I’m fond of – when I can. Relationships are always a give and take.


It’s evident that you cannot expect an average Mozambican girl to have enough money to pay for dinner, but she sure finds ways of paying too, maybe with her gentle sweetness. I’m not talking of the old profession here, not even of call girls. These are students, family girls, who need someone to pay for her bills. They are faithful girlfriends, with the difference that you are paying her expenses. The arrangement suits both parts for as long as they wish. It’s not pretty, but it’s the reality.


Through my divers, we have been meeting a reasonable number of Sugar Daddies. In reality, we have been exposed to things that we could live without. It is evident that we know a lot more about what is happening than they realize. We don’t mind to sit and talk with those girls. It is evident that we worry because we don’t see a future in this sort of relationship, but at the same time we try to focus in their happiness and respect their options. Personally, the only things I cannot tolerate are vulgarity, insensibility and lack of intelligence. But then, I don’t like it in any person.


Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that people do envy this kind of sugary arrangements. The way I see it, there is a good dose of plain old envy in the way people write against, because I am sure that for every Sugar Daddy in this world there is at least a dozen of sugar deprived Daddies, people just wanting a bit of sugar in their lives too.