Dancing Moments


I was convinced to extend my salsa classes up to November, knowing, as I know, that I would never be anything else but an average salsa dancer. Anyway, salsa is a good excuse to buy and wear ra ra ra skirts and dresses – not bad for a grandmother to be!


The decision put me thinking about my dancing career so far. At my parents’ home, vocation skills were like this:


Sister = dance, music and languages.

Me = writing and any other creative activities.


If my parents were right, I am not sure if I should pursue this path. So, I decided to sum all my dancing experiences. Maybe I could be motivated from past attempts…


The first one happened before I was ten. I participated in a popular street extravaganza organized by the local church and boarding school. I don’t remember if my sister participated too, but I have an idea of accomplishment.


A few years later I was taught how to dance Greek for a school play. As far as I can remember, it was a fun and successful experience. I danced Greek for a long time and I still could dance it, if it’s truth that dancing is like riding a bike: once learned, you won’t forget it.


During the following years my inconsequent dancing was mainly club like, with the exception of sensual African marrabenta, which I still can dance. The next time someone tried to teach me dance was waltz for my graduation party. I can say it was a job well done too.


My recent attempts include: kwassa-kwassa, tango and salsa. I know for sure that they are not the styles of dance I would like to pursue because: Kwassa) I concluded that I would never be able to dance it the way a truly African does. Tango) Although a great favorite, I would only pursue it if I had the right dancing partner. From a certain phase on, tango without a partner doesn’t make sense as most of the steps are based in trust and choreography. Salsa) I like salsa because it’s a happy dance, but salsa and giddiness don’t get along. During the constant turning, the idea of vertigo shadows my ability to perform. And I still have three months of it!


My dancing history so far is not conclusive. I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for in my past. Then, the last weekend I went dancing in a public place for the first time. It was almost a year without tango, and I could deliver it. I guess it is the bike thing! We never forget how it’s done. That night I found the motivation I needed.


I believe that one has to have passion in order to pursue a goal. I like tae bo and I would never give it up. I’ve been hula-hooping since five and I still do when I feel like it. We never stop doing what we do with passion. So then, my problem is finding the right style of dance for me. In terms of dancing, I am betting in new styles for 2009. And when I find the right one, I know I shall persevere – like a truly dancer!


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