My Afternoon With Hats


In the middle of the last week, right after lunch, I went upstairs with two things in my mind: 1st) Listening to TD’s new album. 2nd) Checking if I have a decent hat to wear in a month time, when a good friend of mine is getting married.


As you may have already guessed, both tasks were of pleasant nature!


The idea of the hat has a lot more to do with the fact that all the ceremony is going to take place in a sunny farm, in the outskirts of Maputo, than with social obligation.


I have winter hats and summer hats. I skipped the firsts and went straight to the summer ones, most of them more beach like than wedding like. Once I had a considerable collection, which sometimes I liked to display on the walls, but I sold a large part of it in the shop. Now it’s manageable and protected from dust.


This is the result of my afternoon in the company of hats: 1) Two of them are in need of repair. I’ll have to find an artisan capable of doing this job. 2) I have real big hats and small ones too. 3) I have the colourful ones and the plain ones. 4) I have made in Mozambique and also imported. 5) I have hats against flies and hats pro leopard. 6) I even found a good one for the wedding in question. I just have to imagine a yellow or red dress and matching black shoes. Right!


Soon the hat quest became a memory journey, since the wedding hat I picked was a present from a very special Australian girl. Then I also found one of my favorite hats. Andy was 12 and 11 like legs when he offered it to me. It’s evident that I could never wear it, because it’s supposed to fit a child’s head. Though, it still tells me a lot about the hidden tenderness beneath Andy’s roughness, and the way he perceives me: a mother, but at the same time a child-mother.


Anyway, I shall keep it to the day he has a little girl of his own… with the right age to wear it! I am sure he will recognize it instantly and be pleased. I can’t wait!


Regarding TD’s album, I have three or four favorite themes and I dig a few other moments in it. In general, it´s a much more mature work, though I don’t think the genre will sell.


The last time I was in Joburg, I entered a shop where an exclusive electronic version of the first album was playing. You cannot imagine how refreshing it was! I do believe it’s time for them to think in ways of reaching a much more broader audience.