Sea Cockroaches


After a week or so in Maputo, TD is back to Johannesburg fuelled with the perspective of a heavy schedule of gigs, seventeen of them in Europe.


He is the kind family and friends miss. I’ll particularly miss our lunches together, be it at home or out, always an opportunity for him to develop his impressions and somehow funny extreme crazy opinions.


He had prawns during his first lunch with us, during which he presented this silly theory that prawns are sea cockroaches. I guess he likes to spoil others’ appetite, when he doesn’t straightly fight for the food we are I am particularly enjoying.


Over our Costa do Sol somehow disappointing Sunday lunch, we discussed the transcendental subject of what Mozambicans love best: piri-piri chicken, sex or beer? After the most absurd arguments you can imagine, TD ended up the discussion by saying: “Beer and piri-piri chicken must come first, because sex happens as a consequence of both!” See how wonderfully naughty he can be?


He has a favorite restaurant in Maputo. It’s called Coqueiro and he insisted in taken us there. It was a worthwhile gastronomic journey to Zambezia, one I have already described in a Monday post.


Maybe because he was happy to be there, he was kind of serious and talked about some of his traveling experiences. He referred to France as a nice, inviting country. Despite the usual problems, people are alive, full of joy de vivre, even if sometimes a rough one.


He talked about different European countries and people: those with a macramé web of social and economical questions to solve; and those where everything seems to run smoothly, where everything seems to be polished and everybody seems to be polite. Though, he pointed their lack of passion as a grand handicap. “Except for football, people show no other passion at all!” No doubt a daunting insight!