City Camping


We arrived yesterday from TD’s refuge in Johannesburg, where we had been kind of camping since Tuesday. His minimal approach in terms of décor remains the same, despite some slight improvements making his life a little more comfortable. We tried to stay in a nearby hotel, but he insisted in lending us his half-bachelor’s bed.


We were heading for quite a shock when we discovered the hotel we used to stay in Joburg, a nice cozy place, transformed into a completely different construction: a cold, pseudo-modern example of architecture.


TD looked a bit serious and lonely without his band (and girlfriend), spending too much time in front of his computer. As we had only a meeting, Paul and I went on a shopping spree: he for supplements, and I for a dress to wear in a month time when a friend is getting married.


I didn’t realize I would have to run two half-marathons, on Wednesday and Thursday (patiently and chronometrically followed by Paul from comfortable café chairs), before I could find a dress with a little of what I had in mind. Along the way, I bought like ten casual dresses I didn’t need or particularly want, two pairs of dancing shoes (I needed and particularly wanted) and enough things to keep me entertained for a couple of months.


Anyway, we really enjoyed the moments spent with TD, namely our trout breakfast and his invitation for a sushi dinner, followed by cakes and tea shared with a couple of friends.


Despite the still predominant brown on the fields, during our stay and road trips there were signs of spring anywhere to be seen.