Kidnapping Panic


I’ve been missing a few faces I got used to during almost two years of Miradouro-Caracol walking. Toddler Katherine is surely one of them.


As my own walking has been very erratic due to other interests and the strong winds (it’s blowing now while I am typewriting this), I thought: 1) Could it be that I miss the days when she is there? 2) Could it be the case that they are away, enjoying summer in some Northern country?


In my mind, Katherine was shivering in a European beach. I was wrong. Days ago we crossed Caracol, where she lives, and discovered Katherine, brother and nanny playing in front of their house, under the watchful eyes of the security personnel.


Suddenly it was clear to me why some people are not walking or playing at Miradouro any more. After two kidnapping incidents, families fear that the same may happen to their loved ones. Two kidnapping stories, in such small town, are enough to cause a great deal of apprehension and panic. And just for a moment I wonder: “Have we been adventurous by keeping our walking routine?”


This week Katherine was playing in Miradouro again, a first in a very long time. So life goes on!